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Hey Google, show me baseball earrings...

That's how Jen Campana | Atelier got started.

A Love of the Game

I've always been a big sports fan, particularly diehard with my local teams.

My earliest sports memory is being fascinated by the light up scoreboard at the Astrodome (IYKYK). I loved Luv Ya Blue and transitioned that into Steel Blue with Battle Red. I may have even been at an Astros game when a tropical storm made landfall in Houston, allegedly. However, don't confuse Astros orange with that of some other teams because I bleed maroon. I also hate the offseason ~ all of them.

"Wearing jewels is a way to express
the woman you are without saying a word."

~ Chopard

My Two Loves: Sports & Jewelry

I've also been a "jewelry girl" for many years, so it's probably not surprising that I engaged Google in search of fashionable game day earrings to support the sports and teams I love.

I didn't find anything that fit my particular aesthetic vibe that day. I wanted something chic, where I could show my team spirit just as easily in a business meeting as I could at a ballpark. However, too much of what I found was "arts & craftsy" or very loud ~ not at all a bad thing, just not the type of look I wanted.

This is the first prototype pair I ever made to support the varsity softball team at a local high school here in Houston. And from there, a concept was born to bring chic game day jewelry to market.

Jewelry Designed to Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

Cheers to our designs finding their way from our Houston studio to your home field ~
Supporting your favorite school, club, college, or professional sports team!